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I am part of the computer underground community. My friends, resources, lifestyle and activities make this inevitable. I feel obligated to contribute to this community that I am a part of. Sharing my reactions, thoughts, and opinions of the underground communities and sharing my message to them is my contribution.

You should see the "to-do" list for this section. It is awe-inspiring. Too bad it's not done yet. This is just the beginning.

In defense of piracy - my most read and mail generating page
Defcon III speech - personalized revolution - utterly unfinished
The invisible box - a joke, or a prosecutors dripping knife? (bahaha)
Hacker Shirts, and other underground merchandising
Incompetent busts, other law enforcement follies
Hacking Legal Extortion, underground poetry, and a lengthy explanation
Paranoia and the CU - from DEFCON III program
Obligitory, incomplete, Underground Links

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