What is Underground Propaganda

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Underground Propaganda
The truth told in the guise of deception
a group of individuals that have certain interests or activities or beliefs in common that do not adhere to the interests of the established government, and/or established legal corporate entities, and/or accepted moral or social rules.
the systematic distribution of information

You are constantly being bombarded with propaganda. Every day through thousands of ads, radio programs, newspapers and television programs. It is not critical for propaganda to determine your answers, but rather to set the questions.

The information that passes through you on a given day is your environment of information. This seeks to entertain, amuse, reassure and convince you. This is a science. A science of perception and reaction.

For instance, if your view of politics is whether the republicans or the democrats are the right answer then propaganda has been successful. Instead of millions of possible futures, the most 'politically viable' evil is instead the only "choice".

Only when we break away from the very premises that are necessary for deception and manipulation do we have a chance to find an answer that has a meaning for ourselves,and not a tool for manipulation.

This is only the beginning of false questions.

The mainstream media often consider themselves impartial when they cover 'both sides' of an issue on the panel. In this cynical "media objectivity" neither the defense lawyer or the prosecuting attorney will tell you that the OJ trial is a media distraction . Neither the Republican nor the Democrat will tell you their parties are more similar than not. Neither the police, nor the FOX network and its sponsors will tell you what the "entertainment" of "Cops" is really trying to program you for.

My propaganda

This space is my propaganda. My words will affect you, they will have been read. Do not doubt this.

In this age of information-overload, and this IS a new age we are in, we must understand, disseminate, and process information ourselves. When we are too lazy to do this, our decisions are based upon other people's interpretations, opinions, and agendas.

Without feedback my work lives in a void. I know that I must not let my output, my work, my writing be dictated by others, yet without feedback I do not understand what is being heard. And what isn't.


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