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Lies by Me

These are all lies. Well, actually, this is all the truth.

I don't beleive the truth can be told. The truth has to be realized.

Words, at their best, will attempt to uncover, reveal, and give insight.

These are some of my truths. They are snapshots of my mind, my head, my reality at a certain point, a lucidity that became an idea, an idea that took form.

Many of these words are lost forever. Hard drive failures, irresponsible backups, lost data. This material is to reemerge altered, different, in future writings.

The Online Homeless - giving a voice to our lowest caste
Giving Money Away! - cheap thrills, calculated confusion
Information Media Overload - this problem is not going away
Xmas Travelling Rant Poem Thing! - This is poetry, and doesn't belong here
Random Phone Call from Hell - are you paranoid yet?
A place between worlds - glimpses into the dreamworlds

These are projects which have not been started. But should:

The Suit - a fully immersive mobile cyberreality
Illegal Shareware for non-electronic media. - give to the artists, eliminate the distributor
Free unlimited storage - netwide cooperative anonymous unlimited seamless data storage

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