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I now shall restrict your license. Tell you what you can do with this material. Tell you how you can use it. Tell you you can't take it apart.

I shall now explain how my lawyers can beat up your lawyers. I will now politely threaten you if you don't agree to everything I want, no matter how obtuse the demands.

If you don't agree to these demands you may try to attempt to get a refund from a clueless computer salesman.

These web pages have no guarantee. If you break your leg, kill yourself, cause mental damage to yourself or others, it's not my fault.

No matter what chemicals you may find on these pages, no matter how infected the bloody needle on the doorway to these pages, you may not sue.

Seriously though. These are ideas. The themes presented here have been in many forms presented before. I am flattered if your are impressed with the form my words take.

If you wish to point to my web page, feel free, and mail me your web page address.

If you wish to use any of this for print publication, I will most likely agree, and also email me.

If you wish to pay me money, feel free to email me with your needs.

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