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Most of my feedback has been regarding my piracy page.

Only one challenge to my premise was received, and it frankly wasnít very good.

I know someone can mail me some solid arguments against piracy. Iíd be interested in receiving this.

I've been thinking about moving the SPA material to a seperate page.

Iíd also like to see some insight into the Chinese Piracy Ďproblemí. Iíve often heard that itís a cultural difference in how they think about intellectual property, but I wonder if the Chinese media distribution may not allow the consumer access.

I get a lot of mail asking me where to find warez. I donít spend the time necessary to keep solid connections, and when I did I didnít give them to strangers. I will happily receive interesting information. Use PGP if youíre going to admit to breaking laws or ask about illegal activities.

I donít reveal my sources. I may repost email without addresses (unless you specifically state you wish your name/email to be republished).

Iíd like to hear from programmers, particularly working for major software houses, and hear their opinion.

Pirate on! Ara

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