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XMAS rant

Travelling in america during ‘the seaon’

perpetual strip malls
clone gelry eye, identical
clerks differ only in accent
mall culture allows commercialized
pre-puberty fashion magnets
to appear identical

not to say places don’t
have real differences

if fashion were software
warm shirt v3.6 localized
grunge would be the current rage

long bus trips are different than short
the unspoken rules
of public conduct
forbidding conversations
- yes real conversations
is tenuously halted

halted with anecdotal stories
that start with travel plans,
and end with life stories

all voluntary, such fleeting,
albeit at times boring
glimpses into strangers souls
come if you wish it
or comes against the will only if wished

denny’s everywhere
chains of familiarity

national standard interface on shopping

they’ll keep feeding us shit as long as we buy it

long lines synchronically appearing all across America
indistinguishable malls preparing for the profit season

long lines of children unwillingly
being forced into the semi-employed
semi-alcoholic Santas’ laps

while parents take notes to rush
and buy the overpriced plastic
whose brand is embedded in children’s heads

forcing purchases that cannot be stopped

cynicism doesn’t forestall spending
only increases it to a frenzy pace that cannot be afforded

brands embedded all over the country
effective advertising recanted to apathetic yet hard Santas
everywhere -

greed carefully taught by parents
who spend money they don’t have
on things they don’t need -
thinking -
as naively as the children,
and even less realistically
that happiness will ensue

media myths of brand popularity
are as ancient self-fulfilling prophesies< BR>

these snake-oil pitchers are college educated
believing their own lies
or disbelieving in truth altogether

four out of five actors prefer our lies over our competitors
our lies brighten your teeth
while the pleasant taste of sugar mint makes crack taste fresher

snort pixi stix to make your skin younger looking, smile wider
your friends will notice

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